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The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation requires that all vessels transiting the Seaway System shall be equipped with mooring equipment to allow safe passage while maintaining the vessel in a proper position during the lowering and raising of water levels while transiting the locks.

NAVAMAR manufactures and stocks a complete range of
all necessary equipment:

BI-DIRECTIONAL (double wire-cable) fairlead with five (5) vertical and two (2) horizontal split type rollers. All rollers are fitted with self-lubricating high impact composite material bushings, and solid ground finish shafts. They are easily disassembled/assembled and maintained. They are regular stock items and are St. Lawrence Seaway approved.

DEAD-MAN, single horizontal roller fairlead mounted on a conical pedestal. Roller assembled with double bronze bushings, these units are fitted with a greased alemite nipple. They are base type, tubular base type, plate type for stringer or bracket assembly, and are easily greased and maintained. These are regular stock items and are
St-Lawrence Seaway approved.

Air/Steam and Electric


PERMANENT STEEL FENDERS per Seaway requirements

INSTALLATION or verification of “Wrong Pitch Alarm”
for vessels with CPP and “Wrong Way Alarm” for vessels with FPP.

NAVAMAR can also supply Seaway Mooring Wires,
Heaving Lines, Anchor Marking Buoys, Steering Lights, and Fixed or Portable Wooden Fenders as required.
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