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NAVAMAR provides services to Ship Owners and Operators whether required at sea or in ports. From its Montreal base, NAVAMAR covers Eastern Canada and the East Coast of the USA. With its mobile team and international network of ship-repair firms, NAVAMAR can arrange services in the shortest possible time..


With its 24 hour, 7 days/week quality service recognized by Germanischer Lloyds, other Class societies, and Transport Canada,
NAVAMAR is a certified Ship Repair company. NAVAMAR follows the highest standards of marine practice and guarantees in all confidence the completion of all refits, emergency and inter-voyage repairs it undertakes.


NAVAMAR each year handles hundreds of tons of steel renewal including those for routine maintenance or for major damages caused by collisions. The types of steelwork provided include deck and shell, ballast, hull, rudder, superstructures, masts, derricks and cranes.

The work is carried out mainly on site using in-house prefabrication where possible. Regular and specialized welding requirements are undertaken and provided as required, and are approved by
NAVAMAR Certified Welding Inspectors and Engineers.


NAVAMAR can repair all types of propulsion and auxiliary engines, pumps and compressors. These range from routine overhauling to major repairs including the complete refurbishment of engines and pumps.


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