Thrustmaster of Texas Inc is a leading manufacturer of marine propulsion equipment such as Hydraulic Outboard Thrusters and Portable Dynamic Positioning Systems.

NAVAMAR is the approved agent and representative of Thrustmaster for Canada, and is authorized to sell, install, commission - putting into operation, and provide all required after-sales servicing.

Thrustmaster of Texas is widely recognized as a manufacturer of the highest quality products, and which are considered extremely durable, in a word, “tough”.

Thrustmaster of Texas products include:

- Tunnel Thrusters
- Outdrives
- Compass Thrusters - Portable GPS systems
- Barge Propulsion
- Jet Thrusters
- Z- Drives
- Azimuthing Thrusters

For all your Propulsion System needs, whether to transform or renew existing or proposed marine propulsion systems, NAVAMAR is available to advise and assist in your considerations.

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