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NAVAMAR is fully equipped to assist on all Engine Overhauling Requirements.

From large Main Engines to the smallest Lifeboat Engines, NAVAMAR is capable of assisting ships' Engine Crews whether on Voyage Overhauling or for Major Overhauling needs.

These activities range from minor straight-forward inspection to major complex repairs:

- From taking readings and NDT testing to re-chocking
- Babbitt bearings refurbishment & shell bearings renewal
- Complete overhauling of cylinder head covers and exhaust valves cages
- Inspection, repairs and overhauling of Reducing Gears and Couplings
- Maintenance and refurbishing of Tail Shaft Bearings.
- Scavenging Trunks Valves
- Shaft Alternators - alignment, repairs and service
- Emergency Alternators servicing
- Emergency fire pumps and compressors.
- Various Cooler or Heater cleaning and testing
- Pressure valves & Gauge calibration
- Instrument Calibration
- Intake & Exhaust valves reconditioning
- Fuel pipe – IMO jacket protection repairs and alarm system
- Lubricating Oil pump repairs
- Water circulating pump repairs
- Fuel pumps and injectors repairs
- Air starting valves overhauling
- Turbo blowers overhauling
- Exhaust pipe systems and expansion joints (manufacturing & installation)
- Fitted bolts installation
- Exhaust manifolds and trucking repairs

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