In winter, during the sea route across the North Atlantic to Quebec and Montreal, vessels often encounter harsh sub-zero conditions. Being sprayed constantly by strong waves, the sea spray invariably accumulates into a heavy mass of ice on ship structures, often creating a top-heavy layer, followed by an overdraft condition which can affect the stability of the vessel.

The resulting coating of ice also can create difficulties of access to cargo and its discharge unless the onboard discharging equipment is first de-iced.

In such sub-zero weather conditions, vessels continually experience freezing of ballast lines and tank vents, making difficult or impossible ballasting operations.

NAVAMAR has an experienced team and equipment that can assist in all de-icing requirements. NAVAMAR can provide access to cargo to permit its discharge in the shortest time possible thus allowing an orderly loading of new cargo for the return voyage according to planned schedules.

NAVAMAR portable equipment can provide a quick solution in thawing frozen pipe lines and equipment.


• Local De-icing
• Extreme De-icing and Thawing
• Hatch Servicing
• Uninterrupted 24 hour/day service


• High Pressure Ice Cutter
• Mobile Self-contained Boiler